A sea of ideas, a pool of prototypes, and only a few fishes in the net of boardgames…

Sometimes i think it’s a waste of time to write what i’m doing, maybe i could use this time to review my boardgames prototypes, or to write some rules, or to remake my design… 

And believe… i have a ton of ideias… and some, one day become prototypes, and only a few become boardgames prototypes tested over and over…

So i have a few rules… i don’t know if they are wright or not… or if it’s a good strategy… but at least, it’s a starting point:

  • I only test a prototype that have a rulebook printed.
  • i only make a prototype if i have a set of base rules writen
  • i have at all times a sketchbook where i write all my ideas, and notes
  • Each month i organize myself by categorizing my testing prototypes, prototypes waiting rules, ideas. and sometimes i give them a preference value.

This rules guide me in the creative steps of each project… so i don’t have 10 projects at the same time! 

So let’s go with my November list:

(please don’t laugh with the lame names!!!!)

Testing prototypes:

  • Farwest
  • Help!
  • Bloggers
  • Mouse Chronicles: Riverbattle
  • Mouse Chronicles: Mudclash

Prototypes waiting rules:

  • End War
  • Futsal
  • Soccer Flow
  • Coolness Degree
  • Futsal Manager


  • Uprising of Kenya
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Space Meks
  • Mouse Chronicles: The Keep
  • Mouse Chronicles: Heroes
  • Mouse Chronicles: Seasons
  • Cargo
  • Bet and Win

So, lots of ideas, lots of prototypes… i need time to test and play and to mold the prototypes into games!




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2 thoughts on “A sea of ideas, a pool of prototypes, and only a few fishes in the net of boardgames…

  1. bsnribeiro says:

    After some facebook discussion here some advices:
    – Make yourself known, go everywhere, write, comment, like, reblog, whatever it takes!
    – Make a profile in every available Blog, site, social media site and show your stuff… literally!
    – Share your passion with everyone, the more people you know, the better.
    – believe in yourself…
    – Be ready when the opportunity arises!
    – DON’T MESS UP!!

  2. Andrew Davis says:

    Jon, just wanted to share some thoughts here about ordering. I think it’s awesome that you are trying to keep a lid on all the ideas and not let things get out of control. I totally agree that it is a challenge sometimes.

    So.. for ordering… this is just what works for me:

    1) idea
    2) flesh out idea in notebook, mull for a few days until I’ve got a good grasp of what I think the rules should be
    3) build a paper prototype
    4) play in a group where I can just explain the game to people
    5) if there are changes I think should be made, go back to step 2
    6) if I get to this step without step 5, then I start the process of making a rulebook
    7) test the rulebook and prototype with a blind group (no explaining from me)
    8) if something didn’t work, go back to step 6.
    9) if I get to this step, start thinking about art, trying to find a publisher, etc.

    Obviously, that’s a lot of testing and work on one game. I think it’s best for me if I only have one or two games really working at once. I might have a ton of ideas I’m pushing around, but if I can’t fit them in to my workflow right now, I either need to dislodge one current project or just put a tab in my notebook to come back to this one later.

    I’ve got the http://dailyboardgame.blogspot.com/ blog going, but there’s no way I could be working on most of these games more than just hammering out the idea. If there’s one that really grabs me, maybe I’ll prototype it and see how it goes, but most of them are just there as an exercise for me to get my mind flowing every day. I’ve already got two games I’m working on, so if I feel like I absolutely have to work on a game from the site, I have to put one of my other projects into the reserve pile. 🙂

    Good luck. I look forward to reading about all these projects as they move further along.

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