December Projects… Princess birth arriving…

December Projects... Princess birth arriving...

So let’s see…
Planning my hobby is something that i do every month, and help me to organize my ideas when i’m on the train, on the bathroom, on the shower, or dish washing!!!

I divided the projects in 3 groups:

-Prototype Testing Ready – in this group, all the games have a prototype ready to play, and a rules book printed,
-Prototype Rules Revision – in this group, all games have prototypes, but they need a rule revision or a rules book printed.
-Ideas – In this group some games have ancient prototypes, or unfinished prototypes, they don’t have a rules book and some lack mechanics revision.

Prototype Testing Ready:

Mouse Chronicles: Riverbattle
Mouse Chronicles: Mudclash
Soccer Flow

Prototype Revision Rules:

Coolness Degree
Futsal Championship
End War


Bounty Hunter
Space Meks
Uprising of Kenya
Mouse Chronicles: The keep
Mouse Chronicles: Heroes
Mouse Chronicles: Seasons

There are a lot of projects going on, but my best project is the birth of my daughter Maria… days countdown… 7, 6, 5, 4…

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