How to manage your board game pieces?

How to manage your board game pieces?

This post is a question… but also an answer… i think…

I have about 10 to 12 prototypes, and they need pieces, dices, tokens, markers, dices, boards, and sometimes when adding new ideas i see myself struggling with finding the right components for each prototype, and most of the times i have to take pieces from one prototype to another.

So, should we Boardgame designers treat our pieces like warehouse components, managing it with a logistics software, to know where each piece is, and how many times it have been used?

Should we use only cardboard pieces? maybe decreasing the quality of our prototypes…?

Should we stock our houses with boardgame components, and waste even more money in a prototype phase?

I have a box where i store all my playable prototypes, and sometimes i need to share some pieces between prototypes, and when i’m setting up the game, i try to “hide” that fact, because it makes me feel that i’m not ready to test the prototype, that the game is not good enough to have its own pieces…

Maybe this just monkeys in my head…

What about you?

Nice weekend!

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