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New Project: Round Table


Baby Maria is fine! =) and she’s a sweetheart!

I don’t have enough time in my day to spare for a post a day, or a week… however, i’ll try my best…

I’ve passed half an hour looking for a sheet of paper with drawings and annotations about an idea for a Party game… (i think!?). And it’s hard when you dont remember were did you save your ideas! “was it in my dropbox? or did i save it in a draft in wordpress, or in Tumblr… or maybe i added a txt to a paste in my desktop, or maybe was in the tablet, or in your agenda… or im my scrapbook… hum… nope… i didn’t find it… but, as someone wiser once said, if it’s a good idea then you will keep it in your memory…

So let’s talk about this (good) new idea:

Round Table is a party game for 3 to 6 players (i think…) it’s a card game, and it can be language independent.

So, about the theme, Round Table is the world wide ancient prophecy, bla, with swords, bla, and knights, and girls with knights, iep you know it… everyone knows a little bit about it…

But what you don’t know, is that every Friday the Knights of the Round table, including The King Arthur, had a party where they switch places, according with the theme discussed, and those who switched for a bad sit, awaited a treat from the others knights. One day, a bard was invited to one of that parties to provide a little excitement and he wrote a secret book about it, and that book is in my possession! (wink*)

So the knights had parties where they switched seats, and those who seated aside the table had some kind of punishment, in this game, negative points, or for a fun engagement a deck of fun punishments can be added to the game!

So how does it works?

The seats are drafted for the 12 MC knights and DJ Arthur, in tha house… there are 13 cards that represent each knight, and then, the same cards are divided equally per the players, so for a 4 player game, each player gets 3 cards, and 1 cards is left aside. The cards represent where the player will get the points.

Then, player with Arthur is the first to play a card, and so on, until someone plays a scoring card and the round will end. The number of rounds played will depend on the number of players (3-4 players = 5 rounds, 5-6 = 4 rounds) (testing…)

The cards:

The cards will allow to move the knights, to trade knights between players, to defend the seat, or to do some special actions that may help or not, someone…

The cards have 4 colors, that represent the 4 areas of the round table, so for a card that have a Purple color,the player may choose any knight in that color to move. The cards also have numbers, this will allow players to intervene in other players turns, a player can play a card at any time if he can match the number of that card.

During game play:

Players may choose to play a card or to draw an extra card, each time you play a card you may draw a card. the players play cards in clockwise direction, if a card is played by matching the numbers, then the rotation starts from the that player instead.


This is just an idea, it doesn’t have a prototype yet, however i’ll be adding it very soon to my projects… just needed to write it somewhere… =)

Kisses from baby Maria, and little boy Duarte!





Baby Maria

Welcome my love!

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