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I’m Back… 2 months… 5kg of strenght!

It has been a wonderfull ride!

Maria is a quite baby… and Duarte is a cute boy! i’m lucky!

I decided to stop for some time, all my side projects and focus on time with my family.

However, projects arrive in a blink of an eye! And as soon as i had strenght to grab my tools … here am i!

I know that to be know in this small world, you have to be presence at all times… opportunitys may rise!

So i started by helping a friend in Co-designing a boardgame about Chaos Overlord, a 90’s PC game where the players have the ambition to control, influence, chaos the others players!

It’s kinda a mix of a lot of types but it is fun, and that is one major issue!

I’m currently working on designing the unit cards and the equipment cards, in a simple and washable prototype! I hope to have some news soon!

See you soon, 

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