Farwest – The reborn…

Five long months later… i’ve decided to revive my Jon Hare Fantasy Blog… don’t ask me why… i think i just needed to write something, even if it’s only for my eyes to see.

So, i’ve taken a personal goal to re-write the Farwest rules, so i could simplify the game, match the 30-45 min game for 2-4 players. The theme is still there, coherence in mechanics Vs theme still apply.

Here’s the major changes:

– Players are bad guys instead of good guys!!! nice!

– Actions are to deliver stolen goods, or to steal the shops!!! yeahh!

– There are objective cards!!

– you can trap the good guys to win major bonus

– the mechanic is focus on gaining cards, with combos, so the timing of each deliver is precisous

– Bounty Hunters (the good guys) will be in the board looking for you, each turn they will enteer a local, and remove cards and bonus from players.

– The end game depends on the number of players, 8 turns 4 players, 10 turns 3 players, 12 turns 2 players.

– The scoring is baasic 3 pts for the best, 1 pt for the worst in every category!

there are other changes but far less important than this ones, the game has the same feel, but i’ve been told that is a different game!

i think thats good…

See you soon!


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