The time of apocalypse is know for OzAG3

oZag3So what is the OzAG3?

One day me and my colleague were discussing a theme for a boardgame design based on a popular 90’s computer game called Chaos Overlord, and the theme is very strong in that game, even the random choices of units for attack they dont have a unified theme… it’s simple chaos!

So we’ve tryed to come out with a story theme, something that could wrap a bunch of ideas that still linger in our fingertips…

And then an idea born! how about ignoring the usual, “let’s made up a world” and we just said “lets made up an AGE”, where the currency is Oxygen… so everybody has a mask, and they have to fill it with O2 so they can be alive…

So Oz stands for an abreviation of Oxygen, and it’s the street name of the currency

AG3 stands for AGE, and all together it goes, its time to “OzAge” that means enter in a block and get all the goods you can get!

We have a couple of ideas, for the first prototypes… o2age_chaos_3



Just for a little peak in this new idea… i hope i can do posts about it!

See you soon!


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