Mouse Chronicles


I played D&D for a long time, I become addicted, I loved the storytelling and the twists that each personality of my players friends had in the story… But I wanted to evolve, I wanted to try new, lighter and more open type of role playing game, so one day in my birthday I received a book, called Mouse guard: Roleplaying game! One of my best gifts ever! I’ve tried to run a campaign with some of my friends, but “old donkies doesn’t learn new tricks”… And I was thrilled to do something in this fantastic world of David Petersen, so I thought i could combine the storytelling, and board game design… I thought in a possibility of a story in a series of comics…

After i named  it Mouse Chronicles i started to imagine a story for each strip of comics.

Next step was to design one board game for each short story.

However i decided to use a constrict limitation, the same type of board in all games, a 5×5 grid.

1-Riverbattle (already have a prototype and a rule book printed)

  • Players are enemies Mice commanders, and they are fighting for the control of the river. The bridge has fallen and the only way to use the river is jumping stones. So Players will fire stones from their catapult creating a pattern of stones so the mice soldiers can pass and reach the other side. But, be aware! the stones can be dangerous, as can be the water… The first player to reach 7 points is the winner.

2-Mudclash (already have a prototype and a rule book printed)

  • A battle without rain cannot be an EPIC battle! The army pass through the river and a rain storm creates a mud field, the  battle proceeds and both armies fight to gain majorities so they can have an advantage. The players must choose to move the soldiers in the field or fire the catapult. The first player to reach 21 points or have an advantage between the other of 7, is the winner.

3-The keep (working on the idea)

  • Finally the army arrives the keep, one of the players will be defending at all costs the keep, and the other will try to breakthrough. The defender must control rations, and defense structures while the attacker must control reinforcements and have an attack strategy.
  • The attacker will count the number of rounds needed to breakthrough, the players switch sides and repeat the game for the final score!

4-Heroes (vague idea)

  • Each player will have 10 (?) heroes, and they will draft (?) or choose, 4 of them creating a small party.
  • The game is after the army breakthrough and the battle keep going, however the player action will only be in this “small arena” filed with heroes.
  • Players fight ’till exhaustion, surrender, or whatever! (?)

5-Seasons (vague idea)

  • After the war, both players try to repair their cities, making crops, gathering supplies, making missions for meds, fighting natural enemies.
  • This will be a game focused in city expansion, and managing resources.
  • No mechanics thought yet!

So… It’s a big project, and as soon i have something for each Game i would like to sent them to Mr David Peterson so i could have the rights to use the Mouse Guard design and story and artwork.

Keep close for more news…


2 thoughts on “Mouse Chronicles

  1. Kae says:

    I like this idea!

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