River Battle


So this is the first game of the series!

MC - riverbattl_rules

So like i said, there will be always a 5×5 grid in every game.

This Game is a path builder, players must gather points by passing mouse soldiers to the other side, or to take enemy soldiers into the water. The first player to reach 7 points is the winner, my advice is to play a best to 3 games!

MC-RB_components MC-RB_soldiers

The components are simple, and the game is very easy to learn.



One 5×5 River board; 48 river tiles; 7 mouse of each color; 3 Mouse Guards of each color.


Place the board on the table; Each player choose a color; Shuffle the river tiles, place it near the board; Deal three tiles to each player

How to play

Each player has 3 Action Points (AP) to spend in his turn. Each action cost 1 AP and each player is allowed to do the following actions:

–          Find a stone (Buy a tile)

–          Fire the Catapult (Place a tile in the board)

–          Jump between stones (Move a mouse)

Find a stone: the player draw the top tile and place it in his hand

Jump Between stones: move a mouse, one step, in the direction allowed by the stone.

Fire the catapult: the player chooses a square in the board where to place his tile. This square must be in an adjacent square where one of your mice can go.

The square chosen cannot have any mouse in it.

Each time a tile is added to the board it might rotate an adjacent tile, if the side with the rotate symbol is adjacent to the tile in the board. But if:

  • … there is no mouse in it, just rotate the tile on the board in clockwise direction.
  •  … there is one or more enemy mouse, instead of rotate the tile, flip it to the water side of the tile and place the mouse in it, now the mouse is trying not to drown.

The arrows of the stones show to the player the direction that the mouse can move. The stones with no arrows allow the mouse to move anywhere.

Mouse in the water cannot move. To save a mouse from drowning the player must place a tile, that allow the water tile to flip again. When it happens the flipped tile can be placed in any way the player wants, the rotate symbol does not work when a tile is flipped.

The player may add a new tile to the board on top of a tile in the board replacing it in the board, however it must fill the requirement (3 above a 2 above a 1 above a 3). The tile replaced is removed from the game. In this case the new tile will rotate a tile, and flip another.

How to win the game

The first player that scores 7 points is the winner.


Each mouse captured is awarded 1pt

Each mouse that arrives to the other side of the river is awarded 1pt

If a Mouse Guard is captured or arrive to the other side award an extra 1pt.



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