Title - Farwest

This is my advanced boardgame, the one i tested the most…

i started trom this boardgame in november 2011, from scratch i wanted a new and fresh idea to apply for the new LUDOPOLIS contest.

So i figured that i should start with a simple and dynamic game… WRONG!

Farwest is now on 7th version, it has is own design, created by the talented Mr. João Gomes, a comic art designer. It has grown in components, in the story/theme, and in complexity…

Farwest have entered in Ludopolis 2011, 2012, and in the Hippodice contest.

I’ll be adding the most recent components for a Print-and-play version.

Here is my boardgame description:

Farwest is a boardgame with a poker, guns and bullets theme card based game, where players have to manage a collection of suspects from their hand in a poker kind of way. And because players will have to choose wish building to place their Bounty Hunters so they can get the best Connections it’s also a worker placement game.

In this game there’s a little bit of biding in the Shooting phase, so when there’s a Shooting, everyone can shoot, but only the finest will get rewards from it.

So, Farwest is a game with a medium duration, around 60 minutes of game play, for 2 to 4 players, with 10 or more of age.

In this game, the players have the roles of Bounty Hunters in a place called Farwest. They have been called by the very old Sheriff to help him to get rid of the City problems and they will be rewarded for that.

The City problems are the types of suspects available in the deck of cards, and in the Information Value Table. They are Bandits, Cowboys, Indians and Gambling.

The Bounty Hunter will go from building to building to get connections, and information about the suspects. But, they also can go to a building and perform an arrest with suspects that they already have information on.

Each time a Bounty Hunter performs an arrest, the information points will rise until he gets a reward from it, and off course, each time the Bounty Hunter makes an arrest it become more Skilled, and the more skilled more rewards.

When a Bounty Hunter becomes very connected with the people of the city, he will also get rewards for it, and if his Pistol is always ready with lots of bullets he will also get rewards.

But the work of the Bounty Hunter is not easy, among those suspects there are few that cannot be hold alone, they will need time to prepare for, they called them… the Outlaws!

Each time an Outlaw visits the city, the chaos starts, some buildings become closed, some people disappear, and streets become unsafe. The Bounty Hunters have to deal with them in an old fashion way… Shooting time!

When all connections from the City have been resolved, the pieces of the puzzle are over and the Bounty Hunter work is finished. And it’s time to count the money, and depart to the desert of opportunity!



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