Soccer Flow

Soccer Flow - title

This game was my first game ever!

I started this game in 1995 when i was 14 years old… and i was fed up with all the card games i had… so i started to “design” a new game… i only had two 52 card poker deck… and one sister to play!

The objective of the game was to score goals, by matching a card with an equal card! however, you had to advance in the field by playing cards with more or less value than the cards in the board, you choose!

The defender would place cards to change the field value, making it harder to the attacker.

But, the game evolved, and so the mechanics, this game already have been in the Jugar X Jugar Contest, 2player Print-and-Play contest in 2012,2013.






Card example v3


 player - Blue

and now i’m trying to design a more complex game based on this one…


Card - rules - Soccer Flow

And here the 6 cards, with different tactical actions, and a resume card.

best player in the game

And this would be the “simple as can be” Board where both players place their cards and advance in the field, Goalkeepers cards will be out of the board.

Field example

So there you have! 1995-2013


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