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I’m Back… 2 months… 5kg of strenght!

It has been a wonderfull ride!

Maria is a quite baby… and Duarte is a cute boy! i’m lucky!

I decided to stop for some time, all my side projects and focus on time with my family.

However, projects arrive in a blink of an eye! And as soon as i had strenght to grab my tools … here am i!

I know that to be know in this small world, you have to be presence at all times… opportunitys may rise!

So i started by helping a friend in Co-designing a boardgame about Chaos Overlord, a 90’s PC game where the players have the ambition to control, influence, chaos the others players!

It’s kinda a mix of a lot of types but it is fun, and that is one major issue!

I’m currently working on designing the unit cards and the equipment cards, in a simple and washable prototype! I hope to have some news soon!

See you soon, 

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Mouse Chronicles

Mouse Chronicles.

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How to manage your board game pieces?

How to manage your board game pieces?

This post is a question… but also an answer… i think…

I have about 10 to 12 prototypes, and they need pieces, dices, tokens, markers, dices, boards, and sometimes when adding new ideas i see myself struggling with finding the right components for each prototype, and most of the times i have to take pieces from one prototype to another.

So, should we Boardgame designers treat our pieces like warehouse components, managing it with a logistics software, to know where each piece is, and how many times it have been used?

Should we use only cardboard pieces? maybe decreasing the quality of our prototypes…?

Should we stock our houses with boardgame components, and waste even more money in a prototype phase?

I have a box where i store all my playable prototypes, and sometimes i need to share some pieces between prototypes, and when i’m setting up the game, i try to “hide” that fact, because it makes me feel that i’m not ready to test the prototype, that the game is not good enough to have its own pieces…

Maybe this just monkeys in my head…

What about you?

Nice weekend!

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December Projects… Princess birth arriving…

December Projects... Princess birth arriving...

So let’s see…
Planning my hobby is something that i do every month, and help me to organize my ideas when i’m on the train, on the bathroom, on the shower, or dish washing!!!

I divided the projects in 3 groups:

-Prototype Testing Ready – in this group, all the games have a prototype ready to play, and a rules book printed,
-Prototype Rules Revision – in this group, all games have prototypes, but they need a rule revision or a rules book printed.
-Ideas – In this group some games have ancient prototypes, or unfinished prototypes, they don’t have a rules book and some lack mechanics revision.

Prototype Testing Ready:

Mouse Chronicles: Riverbattle
Mouse Chronicles: Mudclash
Soccer Flow

Prototype Revision Rules:

Coolness Degree
Futsal Championship
End War


Bounty Hunter
Space Meks
Uprising of Kenya
Mouse Chronicles: The keep
Mouse Chronicles: Heroes
Mouse Chronicles: Seasons

There are a lot of projects going on, but my best project is the birth of my daughter Maria… days countdown… 7, 6, 5, 4…

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V1 – Farwest… 2011

V1 - Farwest... 2011

I’ve been updating my Dropbox Boardgames files, and i had a beautiful surprise! Photos from my first prototype version for Farwest!

It’s been a long 2 year project, and yet, i think it’s not finish! I’m trying to test this prototype at least 1 time per week, unfortunately i cannot do it more often.

Last week i tested with my wife and some friend of mine, the main objective was to seem the equilibrium of choices!
And again, there’s choices that are stronger that others! I don’t want to make a “railroad” of choices, i want the players to feel that the choices taken are meaningful!

So i twisted some words, mixed some magic dust, and added some small rules, that maybe, maybe, maybe… in next testing will be something to look for!

See you later…

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My page for my boardgame prototype…

Waiting for Hippodice reply for next phase!


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