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Hard Life and then what?


It has been a long ride, with 2 kids. Lots of projects… and the usual limited time! 

I started to sleep 4 hours a day a long time ago, and i’m happy and healthy, but somehow, in the last 2 months, i couldn’t sleep only 4 hours… ’cause… i cannot sleep them in a row… so i tried to go to bed earlier… it means that my projects time is less…


I had an objective in 2014 to buy one copy of one of my games in The Game Crafter page… and i still want that to happen!

However, i added two more projects to my list:

– a Co-design game with my best friend where the theme is a post-apocalypse year, where people have to pay for oxygen so they can survive.  Where each player is a kind of Gang lord, and have to control your gang and influence buildings, buy equipment and do a lot of Chaos in the other territories… 

– I’ve accepted to help design the Gamification system to a website to help designers (like me) to play their prototype with players around the world… to help designers to have the proper tools to produce fun for everyone! i think i’m not allowed to tell more about this website, but as soon as i can i’ll post my updates! 😉